Thanks to the following racing partners who have helped our race team.
Some cash sponsors, some equipment or parts sponsors and some just words of advice.
Couldn't make our team successful without lots of help from others in the sport.
Brian Schrunk    386-898-3327
Competition Products caters to the domestic engine builder’s needs with an extensive parts and tools selection.
They also feature Howard's Racing components.  Contact us toll free at: 800-233-0199 or 920-233-2023
Kevko Racing Oil Pans and Components has been producing quality parts for the auto racing industry since 1986. We have been responsible for providing the oil pans for a number of consistent winners in the Oval Dirt Track and Sprint Car Circuits for a number of years. With over a 30 year history of fabricating quality performance parts we have established ourselves as a premiere component manufacturer with our core product line of oil pans as well as our more recent innovations for the racing industry.
Call Toll Free 800-770-3557

Winters Performance. 
For all your rear end and rear end components needs
call Winters Performance at 717-764-9844. 
In business since 1958 servicing the entire auto racing industry.
The Winter family is quick to credit their workforce if approximately
70 key employees for the growth and success of the company.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to have your race car look nice.
Our 117 car has numbers by SS Signs and the graphics a little bit of tape
and rattle can spray paint and get a good, clean old school look

Don't spend hundreds on a wrap,
put that money into making your race car faster!!!
FLO-TEK High Performance Racing Heads is dedicated and focused on three priorities: Performance, Quality and Competitive Pricing.

In 2005, Tri-State Cylinder Head began research and development of the FLO-TEK High Performance Aluminum Racing Heads. Introduction of the FLO-TEK Cylinder Heads were in production by 2007.  With every effort focused on offering new cylinder heads to the market at competitive prices and fantastic performance.

All FLO-TEK cylinder heads and parts are inspected for quality and fully assembled in Evansville, Indiana.

Bruce Ramstad
through his addition to the team we are able to order a brand new Lightning
Chassis.  Will be taking delivery of it sometime late May, early June.
will replace the 2009 Lightning which is our 117 car and will be labeled the
"Bruce Ramstad Special"